Thursday, 17 April 2014

A little bit of a repurposing project...

So a while back a friend gave us this fantastic piece of wood he found at a steel foundry. He had plans for it but just wasn’t getting round to them, and when I spied it in his garage my mind exploded a little with the possibility this piece heldJ. So we loaded it up and took it home. I must say it was really Joe who made this thing go from what it was to what it is. I applied a little bit of varnish at the end and supplied refreshments along the way, but the rest was him, even the process photos J
The biggest task was to get that top piece of wood off, it was quite a pain but it meant Joe needed to buy a new tool so he was happy :)

Then we had a few of these guys to deal with...

But finally it came off and its potential was looking evermore promising :)

I really liked the wood detail on the inside so wanted to make sure we would still be able to see it.

A quick coat of white varnish...

Add a few feet and a piece of glass and there you have it!
Hello lovely coffee table :)

I think this we spent more on this project than we have on our other diys, which was mostly just making sure we got strong glass but it's been well worth it :)

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