Thursday, 15 December 2011


Ever have those days where you feel like this?
A friend sent me this - I think it's great.
I do, often J So I made up a word in hope that ‘diagnosing’ the problem will help treat it, or maybe even prevent it, so here goes:
Micropocalypse (n) - the event of a small failure leading to the desire to give up on a larger scale. Eg: I cannot draw this leaf; I never want to draw again. I am experiencing a micropocalypse. I am having a micropocalyptic moment.
Since I made this word up my word processor has underlined it in red – this happens quite often when I type as I’m no spelling-bee queen – but am sure that in a few years those red squiggles will be gone! J
So I did a little survey type thing to see if these excess feelings of failure haunt others as they do me, and as it turns out, I am far from alone! It seems to ‘attack’ people differently though so we have feelings ranging from:
Happens all the time. Not just with work/career stuff either but also just "life" stuff. e.g. i burned dinner = i am horrible wife and how could i ever feed and take care of kids?!
‘one company won’t speak to me, so why bother contacting another company.’
And then:
‘Sometimes, when work is particularly difficult, I just want to go home and grow a beard.
‘I get it all the time, like when i failed my drivers. I still never went back ha ha ha ha
And finally:
‘What’s the antonym? You know, when you're like, "that's an awesome word, I’m quite good at making up words, i should start a whole new LANGUAGE!" (It will of course, possibly be followed by the micropocalypse later - i can't make up a new language, it's too hard, i will never speak again)
So in conclusion these results show that this is a common occurrence across many fields of life. So now that it has been diagnosed and clinically proven, let’s go out there and kick some micropocalyptic butt! J


So I have the immense privilege of going to a wedding of very special friends next week, and while I know everyone will be looking at the bride, I do feel like I want to wear something special too J. So I have decided to try and make my own fascinator! This after not quite finding what I was after in the overpopulated mall – yug. So anyway, I did a quick search for some inspiration and just had to share what I found!
the beauty of this one above is just sublime

  It's like an autumn dream this one

  the hearts are just too cute!

Ultimate mermaid crown


I want to wear this one when I'm cleaning up!

so much beauty

 I mean why not just wear a love filled robot in your hair every day?

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

In your book...

Butterflies :) this is an artwork I made with a specific person in mind - as a gift - and it is to serve two functions:
1) to be a lovely thing to have and look at
2) to remind her that her path is set, and her life is not in under her control
the title for this work is
In your book were written, every one of them, the days that were formed for me

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

iris (work in progress)

lamp love <3

Movember photoshoot I

 This here is my lovely husband. I have absolutely no love for the thing growing on his upper lip, but since it is for a good cause I thought I'd just deal with it and try have a bit of fun. While his ID book declares his name as Joseph, this month he is going by Moseph :)

Movember munchies!

So a friend and I decided to do our part for Movember and came up with these winners. We had neither time nor money to source the real fuzzy inc mo cookie cutter so we found out how to make our own instead! This is what we came up with :)